- Who are you guys?
Just a couple of avid disc golfers who got their start in Kansas City. We have no funding, and create the site as a hobby in our free time.

Sam (squipple): I've been Disc Golfing since '99. I was introduced to the sport through a friend and got the fever for the flavor of tasty plastic hitting those chains. I try to pass on that same experience to anyone else willing to get out on the course for a round or two. I met Adam through another friend who had moved down to KC from Wisconsin. We all lived in a crazy big house for a while, and then went our seperate ways. Which is why we have courses on the site from KS, MO, and WI.

Adam (mysteray): Sam introduced me to disc golf when I moved to Kansas City. I've been hooked ever since. I moved back to Wisconsin after a year in KC, but I do get down that way occasionally to play the many excellent courses in the area. This web site has gotten me to many courses throughout the region. My ultimate goal would be to cover every course in the US, but unless I quit my job, that will take quite a long time. I hope you enjoy the site.
- How do you pick which courses to add?
Usually it's any course that's within 2 hours of where we live, however we are planning on doing some traveling to add more courses in the future. We also accept submitted courses from fellow disc golfers. Check out our submit section to see how.
- How is par determined on playdg.com?
Pro and public par is posted for each hole. If par is posted on the course, it is used on the site. If not, pro par is posted as 3's, and we use the distance to determine public par: <300ft = Par 3; 300-400ft = Par 4; >400ft = Par 5.
- How are distances determined on playdg.com?
If distances are marked on the course, they are used. Otherwise, distances are determined using a Garmin 60csx or a Garmin iQue 3600 GPS.
- How are courses rated on playdg.com?
The course rating is based on 14 categories: Tees, Baskets, Signs, Woodedness, Elevation, Terrain, Variety/Selection, Layout, Distance, Amenities, Location, Maintenance, Scenery, and Traffic. We each individually rate these things 1-10 and average them. Then both averages are averaged together to give the rating you see on the site.

User rating is an averaged number based on all users who have rated the course according to the 14 categories listed above.
- Why can't I see the pictures?
The zoomable pictures are created in Macromeda Flash. The Flash player is needed to view these pictures. For more information on why we used Flash for the interaction, visit Macromedia's browser penetration page.
- When is the _____ course going to be added?
When the work has started on a course, it is added to the Coming Soon area on the front page. Since the site is worked on in free time (when we're not disc golfing), we can't give a specific time period that the course will be added. Information for courses (pictures, distances, pars, etc) is normally only gathered in the spring/summer months. Once we gather all the information for a course, it's put in our queue and worked on when we get time. Usually once we start the web programming, it takes from 1-3 weeks to get a course up.
- Why haven't you updated the _____ course?
Currently there are only two of us working on the site, so if we haven't played the course since it's been changed, we won't know about the updates. You can help us out in this department by e-mailing us with the changes to the course, and we'll mark the info on the site, giving you credit, as soon as we can. Note that the pictures will only be updated in the spring/summer seasons for aesthetic reasons.
- What are those weird looking things marked for pin placements on some courses?
On some courses pin placements are very low to the ground and impossible to see in a picture taken from the tee, so we mark it with a brightly colored disc. Sometimes to get a good zoomed-in shot, a prop is needed to make the disc visible. We often use a tripod or sometimes a stick to elevate the disc. The pin is located directly below it.
- How do you determine what discs to suggest?
This is an automated process, not a personal preference. The page polls our database for a pool of discs based on the distance and curvature of the hole's fairway. Then it will randomly select a disc from that pool to suggest. It's based on a RHBH thrower, which is the technique used by the majority of players.

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