Chippewa Falls Middle School - Hole 5 Chippewa Falls, WI
Hole 5 Details

Public Par: 3
Pro Par: 3
Distance: 259 Ft.

Description: You'll have to drive it straight on hole 5. If you throw it too far and fade left, you'll wind up in the fenced in area. Fade to the right and you'll be down the hill. Drive it just right, and you should get a duece.

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Innova Monster
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Hole 5 Updates

14 Aug 2003
Pin has been pulled for about a month to allow grass to grow.
02 Nov 2002
Construction is occuring by hole 5. You can still play it, but you'll have to throw over a big hole.
02 Aug 2002
Received an email from the course administrator. He had this to say about hole 5: "Because of the problems of discs going into the propane tanks, number 5 will probably go down the hill into the woods over the creek. Coming back up the hill will probably

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